Company Parties

Organize you company party with Diamond Event Sofia

A company party is an important part of the company’s life that most employees look forward to. Undoubtedly, the team unites and motivates.

The overall organization of a company event includes all possible services. We can organize your event according to your budget, implement your ideas so you can relax and enjoy your holiday!

Организиране на фирмено парти от Даймънд Евент София

what we


  • Location according to your needs.
  • Decoration for your event.
  • Animation during the event.
  • Games, games, raffles and other entertainment and attractions.
  • Sound and lighting.
  • Musical performers, ballet and musicians.
  • Catering and Food. Dance groups, ballets, musicians, etc.

there is

more for your company party

  • To remember your party, you can take advantage of professional photo and video shooting.
  • We have hosts and promoters.
  • Equipment for rent: tables and chairs.
  • Providing transport and car
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